About Us

        Wenzhou nask Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2022, is located in Wenzhou Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company has spent a lot of money to build a research and development team, established a laboratory, and has a large number of advanced and professional production equipment and testing equipment. It is committed to developing automobile engine parts and serving domestic and foreign main engine manufacturers and major supporting manufacturers. At present, the products developed by the company include timing gears, phase regulators, camshaft teeth, camshaft sprocket, VVT wheel and driver of various models. Welcome friends from all walks of life to guide, visit and negotiate business.

Contact Us

  • General Manager Fang
  • +86-15167790707 / +86-15267767666
  • nasike2022@163.com
  • 42180857
  • 2nd Floor, Building 2, Factory Building, No. 862, Binhai 10th Road, Wenzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province